Digital Terrestrial

The Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial Service.


The TV signal is transmitted via a land (terrestrial) based DTT transmitters in digital DVB-T MPEG4 format.  The Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial Service offers crystal clear digital picture with the added bonus of some programmes being broadcast in High Definition. High Definition TV offers the highest quality picture available, together with surround sound.


The transmitter sites for the Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial platform are:




UHF Channels

Waiatarua Auckland Horizontal 29 (538MHz) 33 (570MHz) 45 (666MHz)
Pinehill Auckland Horizontal 28 (530MHz) 32 (562MHz) 40 (626MHz)
Remuera Auckland Vertical 28 (530MHz) 32 (562MHz) 40 (626MHz)
Sky Tower Auckland Vertical 28 (530MHz) 32 (562MHz) 40 (626MHz)
Te Aroha Waikato/Tauranga Horizontal 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Hamilton Tower Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Kopukairua Tauranga Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Mt Erin Hawkes Bay Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Napier Airport Vertical 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Wharite Palmerston North Vertical 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Kaukau Wellington Horizontal 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Baxters Knob Wellington Horizontal 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Fitzherbert Wellington Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Ngarara Kapiti Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Sugarloaf Christchurch Horizontal 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Mt Cargill Dunedin Horizontal 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Parahaki Whangarei Vertical 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Mt Jowett Whanganui Horizontal 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Wheatstone Road Gisborne Horizontal 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Parikanapa Gisborne Horizontal 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Popoiti Wairarapa Horizontal 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Mt Taranaki New Plymouth Horizontal 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)
Pukepoto Rotorua Vertical 31 (554MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Whakaroa Taupo Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Kaka Hill Nelson Horizontal 38 (610MHz) 40 (626MHz) 42 (642MHz)
Mt Campbell Nelson Vertical 31 (554MHz) 37 (602MHz) 39 (618MHz)
Cave Hill Timaru Vertical 33 (570MHz) 35 (586MHz) 37 (602MHz)
Forest Hill Invercargill Vertical 32 (562MHz) 34 (578MHz) 36 (594MHz)


The approximate coverage for the Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial platform is marked in Dark Blue:



More accurate coverage from the current transmitter sites for the Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial platform is shown in the following documents:


Auckland DTT Coverage Map
Christchurch DTT Coverage Map
Dunedin DTT Coverage Map
Gisborne DTT Coverage Map
Hastings DTT Coverage Map
Invercargill DTT Coverage Map
Napier DTT Coverage Map
Nelson DTT Coverage Map
New Plymouth DTT Coverage Map
Palmerston North DTT Coverage Map
Rotorua DTT Coverage Map
Taupo DTT Coverage Map
Tauranga DTT Coverage Map
Timaru DTT Coverage Map
Waikato DTT Coverage Map
Wairarapa DTT Coverage Map
Wanganui DTT Coverage Map
Wellington DTT Coverage Map
Whangarei DTT Coverage Map


Equipment required to receive Freeview HD.


A UHF aerial - you may have one already, e.g. you may have used one for Analogue UHF.


A Digital Terrestrial Receiver - just plug the receiver into the aerial and TV then follow the instructions supplied to search for channels and Tune them in. You will need one Freeview HD Digital Terrestrial Receiver per TV. 


You will need a high-definition TV to take full advantage of the HD broadcasts.