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Freeviewshop NZ- Buy Freeview receivers and accessories online. A full range of terrestrial and satellite receivers and a large rage of installation equipment is available. Go digital with our top range of Freeview™ satellite and Freeview|HD™ terrestrial receivers. Record your favorite programs with one of our many PVR capable set top boxes, such as the UltraPlus X-9200. Buy satellite dishes, LNBs, UHF aerials, cables, and other installation equipment. We source top brands such as UltraPlus, XCruiser, Loranz and more. Top products in stock - XCruiser XDSR600HD, Ultraplus 990HD maGic PVR.

Freeview|HD™ devices will work with a UHF aerial in major centres*; Free-to-Air Satellite devices will work when connected to a satellite dish - set up is easy if you've already got those at yours! Freeview™ is a way to view your favorite TV programmes. It's easy to set up if you have a working dish or aerial and once you're ready to go, it's absolutely free!

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