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Freeviewshop - Buy Freeview receivers online. Full range of Freeview receivers and satellite dish Freeview NZ installation equipment available. Go digital with our top range of Freeview satellite and Freeview terrestrial receivers. Record Freeview with our huge range of Freeview set top boxes and Freeview PVRs. Buy satellite dish, LNBs, UHF aerials, cables, and Freeview installation equipment.We source top brands such as UltraPlus, Octagon, Samsung and Hyundai. Top products in stock - XCruiser XDSR600HD, Challenger, Loranz decoder.

Freeview|HD devices will work with a working UHF aerial; Free to air Satellite devices will work with a working satellite dish - set up is easy if you've already got those at yours! Freeview is a way to view your Favourite tv programmes. It's easy to set up if you have a working satellite dish or UHF aerial and once you're ready to go, it's absolutely free!  You can start viewing your favourite TV programmes in digital quality for free and rest easy knowing that you're all set for the digital switch over and beyond.

The Freeview transformation is well underway, and throughout New Zealand Kiwis are using Freeview to enjoy all of their favourite shows.