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I have the exact same problem with my dish.
My Strong receiver box indicates 90% strength with mere 22% Quality. I'm also suspecting the LNB, but it's new out of box.
My question is, regardless of whether it's fine tuned, shouldn't it be able to pick up the signals when the dish is roughly aligned to the correct satellite position? I'm in Lower Hutt and I believe the D1 has Bearing 316 with 40 elevation relatively.

Robbie, have you resolved this issue by any chance?
Or, anybody who had the same issue and a resolution?


marty g:
Hi I'm having the same problem as hhhtwins with only 22% quality with the strong unit I fitted up today and have checked all I can think of to and am now stuck like you guys. Surely there must be a fault or some sort of check to do out there....

Wild Bill:
Hi Marty g and hhhtwins,

You both may have the same problem OR you could have totally different problems showing the same result!

Firstly, hhhtwins, a satellite dish is not "roughly aligned". It's either perfectly aligned or out of alignment and the amount its out will determine what, if any, signals you are getting.

Usually good strength and poor quality means that your dish is aligned to a satellite but the LNB nulling is out or your settings in the receiver are wrong.

SO, to get 80%+ Signal strength and 100% Quality you must have everything cross-referencing.

1. The dish must be perfectly aligned to a satellite and that satellite must be the one you've selected in your receiver settings. - You could have your dish aligned to a satellite but not the one you want!
2. The type of LNB you have fitted must be exactly what you enter in your receiver settings.
3. And the LNB must be perfectly nulled.

THEN you can enter the transponder frequencies and polarity and do your search.

If you have one of the 465 series Strong receivers, when you go into "dish setting" (in the Installation menu) and select Optus D1, you must arrow down to LNB type and change it to "single" then arrow down to LNB freq and change it to 11300 or 10750 (whichever your LNB is).

If everything is correct the bars at the bottom will change from red to green and you can then proceed with searching for your channels.

I hope this helps you to track down your problems.

Cheers, Wild Bill.

marty g:
Thanks Wild Bill I had the wrong Sat and input now it works great, thanks heaps for that Marty.

Wild Bill:
No problem Marty, I'm pleased you're up and running.  - If you've got the knowledge, share it.
Cheers, Wild Bill.


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