About Freeview

What is Freeview?

Freeview is a way to view your favourite TV programmes. It's usually easy to set up with a satellite receiver and satellite dish or terrestrial receiver and UHF aerial - and once you're ready to go, it's absolutely free!

Why do you need Freeview?

New Zealand is going digital, so if you want to keep watching your favourite TV programmes for free, then you need Freeview - a free-to-air digital TV and radio service for NZ.

Who is Freeview?

Freeview is a not-for-profit organisation launched by New Zealand's leading free-to-air TV broadcasters and radio networks in response to the Government's announcement that New Zealand will transition from analogue to digital TV.

Freeview promotes the benefits of NZ free-to-air digital TV & radio services and helps people make the switch to digital TV. You can view your favourite TV programmes in digital quality for free.

The Freeview transformation has already started, throughout New Zealand Kiwis are using Freeview to enjoy all of their favourite shows.

Go digital with freeview!

Freeview|HD receivers will work with a working UHF aerial; Freeview Satellite devices will work with a working satellite dish - set up is easy if you've already got those at yours! Or for easy set up choose a package deal - satellite and terrestrial options available.