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7 April 2014


Sommet Sports is now broadcasting on Freeview Satellite!


Sommet Sports brings free sports coverage 24/7 to every New Zealand household. It has been a long anticipated launch onto satellite for Sommet Sport. Now, in addition to their UHF broadcast, satellite broadcast on both Freeview and SKY will give the recently launched television company similar coverage to that of every major New Zealand TV station.








1 December 2013


DSO has completed: Analogue TV broadcasting in NZ has stopped.

NZ has switched to Fully Digital TV, analogue TV is no longer available, it is a great time to get yourself sorted with new gear for Freeview, if you need help or advice, just give us a call. Tel 027 422 6855


8 October 2013


Prime on Satellite is moving from 12456MHz to 12707MHz


Prime will broadcast on 12707MHz instead of 12456MHz, you need to do a scan for Prime to find the new transmission. We are posting help in both our forum and facebook page.


19 July 2013


Sommet Sports has launched on Freeview|HD channel 14!


The eagerly awaiting Sommet Sports channel is broadcasting on channel 14


Andrew Reeves from Sommet Sports said "Although many never believed they would see free sports on their televisions again, we can finally offer live and free of charge to Kiwi homes such prestigious events as the MotoGP, the complete AFL 2013 season, Germany's premier Bundesliga Football, the LPGA tour, Extreme Sports, Surfing, Abseiling, BMX , and so much more.".


19 November 2012


Winner at the Auckland West Bussiness Awards



Freeviewshop won the prestigious Excellence in Information Management award. In awarding the 2012 Excellence in Information Management award to Freeviewshop the judges commended the firm for “identifying the requirements of its business and measuring performance so that it manages and tracks information flow. This translates into good decision making and business success”. "


25 September 2012


Mediaworks have made some changes to their services and C4 is now only available free to air on satellite using a FTA satellite receiver.


Luckily all satellite receivers sold by freeviewshop are FTA satellite receivers and scanning the 12644MHz / SR:22500 / H Pol Transponder will find C4 again. If you need help to do that just give us a call.


5 July 2012


Choice TV has launched on the Freeview Satellite Platform.


Choice began broadcasting on Freeview Satellite.


1 July 2012


TV ONE plus 1 has launched on the Freeview Satellite and Terrestrial Platforms.


TV ONE plus 1 began broadcasting at 7am on Sunday July 1, 2012. The channel broadcasts TVONE's entire schedule on a one-hour delayed basis.


28 April 2012


Choice TV has launched on Freeview HD


Choice TV is now available on the Freeview HD Platform.


1 September 2011


Freeview HD Coverage Expansion has been completed.


The Freeview HD (Digital Terrestrial) platform coverage has been increased to cover 87% of the population. Coverage has been be expanded to include the following areas:


• Gisborne

• Invercargill

• Nelson

• Rotorua

• Taranaki

• Taupo

• Timaru

• Wairarapa

• Wanganui

• Whangarei


15 July 2011


Freeviewshop announced as a finalist in the Auckland West Business Awards


Freeviewshop has been announced as a finalist for the Corban Revell | Best Small Business Award in the Auckland West Business Awards 2011. The Corban Revell | Best Small Business Award category is open to businesses that demonstrate year on year business growth, with entries judged on a wide range of criteria, including goals and strategies, sustainable practice, innovation and financial results.


6 Feburary 2011


FOUR started on Freeview and Freeview HD.


FOUR launched on Freeview and Freeview HD.


1 December 2010


Trackside is available on Freeview HD!


The Trackside channel is now available on Freeview HD. Trackside is also available FTA on Satellite and can be received with FTA satellite receivers.


9 September 2010


TV One and TV2 on Freeview HD have upgraded to 1080i!


Now TV One TV2 and TV3 are all broadcasting in 1080i on Freeview HD.


1 May 2010


TV33 is available on Freeview HD!


TV33 is now available on Freeview HD.


1 April 2010


Shine TV is available on Freeview


Shine commenced broadcasting on Freeview satellite.


19 October 2009


Winner of the Unitec Innovation in Business Award


Freeviewshop is thrilled to be announced as the winner of the Unitec Innovation in Business Award category of the Waitakere Business Awards 2009! This is a fantastic achievement and a great recognition of our focus on innovation in product and design along with our commitment to customer driven quality policy. The judges commented upon the: "systematic design and innovation process that drives an improved range of product offerings, which meet customers needs in a way that the standard offering does not."


17 August 2009


Prime available on Freeview


Prime Television commenced broadcasting on both the satellite and terrestrial platforms on Monday 17th August, 2009.


The availability of Prime is yet another great reason to switch from analogue TV to free-to-air digital TV.


30 March 2009


The TV3 Plus1 channel is broadcasting on both Freeview satellite and on the Freeview HD terrestrial platform.


The TV3 Plus1 channel is to commenced broadcasting officially from the 30th of March 2009. The channel showcases TV3s entire schedule on a one-hour delayed basis.


9 October 2008


Chinese TV8 has launched on Freeview HD


Chinese TV8 broadcasts news and current affairs from mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as popular drama series, variety shows of diverse formats, documentaries with an Asian emphasis and a wide range of Asian focused infotainment.


2 April 2008


The Freeview HD has Launched.


The long awaited Freeview HD service has officially launched.


28 March 2008


Te Reo has launched on Freeview.


The new Maori Language Channel TE Reo is up and running on Freeview


29 November 2007


CUE TV has launched on Freeview.


CUE TV offers a 24 hour schedule and is made in New Zealand. The channel is is a mix of news, political, lifestyle and sports shows.


31 July 2007


Sky has changed to Horizontal Polarisation.


You can now connect Free to Air, Freeview and Sky receivers to the same dish without any issues.


May 2007


Freeview has launched!


The Freeview platform officially launched on 2 May 2007