Digital Satellite

Digital Satellite


TV signal is transmitted via a Satellite in digital format. The signal is digital, so once decoded it gives super high quality picture and sound, and includes an EPG (electronic program guide).


Equipment required to receive Digital Satellite


A Satellite dish with a LNB: 

If you don't have a dish already you can buy one, setup is quite easy with our Dish Angle Calculator and Satellite Signal Strength Meter.


A Digital Satellite Receiver - just plug the receiver into the Cable coming from the Dish and TV (The receiver will be setup with all the channels tuned if you purchase it from If new channels are added etc. you will need to retune them - this is very easy on our receivers. You will need one Digital Satellite Receiver per TV.


Rain Fade 


One problem that may be experienced occasionally in poor weather conditions is that signal may sometimes not be strong enough due to atmospheric conditions and the TV picture may break-up, you can reduce or eliminate this problem by getting a slightly larger satellite dish .